Design your artworks

Clipart Makeover Features

It's so easy!

No specific skills are required

Big surprise

Design any artwork step by step and wait for the surprise in the end

All on your phone

Design your artworks anywhere with no pencil or paper needed

Free combination

Just choose the type you like and design artworks with different styles

Update everyday

Enjoy new artworks pages everyday

Looking to pick up a new and fun creative hobby? Play Clipart Makeover today - a relaxing design game that allows you to choose from tons of cliparts to create fabulous artworks! Apply your creative design ideas and have fun in Clipart Makeover! Feel the inspirations, express your design creativity, and discover your gifts of being a fabulous artist!

* Relax by designing and decorating various scenarios including but not limited to home decor, BFF, family, holidays, etc.
* Create your clipart artworks by using high quality and hand painted images.
* Customize all the details of hairstyle, clothing, furniture, wallpaper, floor, ceiling, etc.
* Choose ideas, stickers, colors, patterns, and then create unique and beautiful paintings.
* Makeover your own artwork to build an epic masterpiece.
* Express your creativity and sharpen your design skills.

Clipart Makeover offers a vast selection of unique clipart images that let you express yourself. Customize your own artworks by choosing from thousands of hand-drawn items - all available directly at your fingertips. Let your imagination play!